May 2016 Update

Honestly I’m utterly floored at how much my life has just changed in a few months:

1- I am now not only a wellness nurse at work, but also the wellness coordinator so that means I am full time now. I like that I am getting a lot more hours, but it is a bit stressful. The scheduling is what makes it stressful. The call outs, people who are on light duty, people who come to work late, people who only put in for time off a few days in advance…. We just don’t have the staff…. And some of the staff we do have need to be gone but have their jobs still due to us being so short…

2- School is still progressing.

3- My uncle was finally moved out of our house!! He was taken over to where his son lives. Although reluctantly,  he took him in.

February Update in Life

On January 31st 2016, I bought my first car. It is a 2015 Nissan Versa Note and it is the same blue from one of my favorite shows of all time, ‘Psych’. I love driving it and I actually feel more adult. The only thing I didn’t realize was that I actually needed to turn on the lights when foggy or dark instead of like in my mom’s Toyota Corolla the just come on. I got yelled at by a guy in a mini-van for that tidbit.

On February 2nd I went to the doctor, pretty much everything was great except for my weight of course. But I checked my lab results and I’m pleasantly surprised with my results. Everything is in normal range. Nothing is too high or too low. I just pray I can make an appointment with my doctor and show her how well I’m still doing.

I’m pretty much just switching between Netflix, OnDemand Tv and manga. And playing my PSVita and 3DS. I hope to start typing up my thoughts on some PSVita games too.

Walking While Fat and Female – Or, Why I Don’t Care Not All Men are Like That (Reblogged)

I started walking between 5 and 12 miles a day about year after I moved to Seattle. The main motivator was a crippling anxiety about being late coupled with an inconsistent public transportation system (that will now become less consistent, yippee). Additionally, working in an industry with late nights (I house manage for various theaters) means that […]

Happy New Year all! This year has started off great!

I gave my post today this title because the tv I ordered for my Wii U finally came. My mom was sweetly trying to get me a monitor, but they did not put out any sound when I tried to play my games on it. It turns out, using the Wii Fit U that I bought has been a blessing! I hopped on it today (not really becuase as sturdy as the balance board is, it would have broke lol) and I was down 4.4 lbs. It was so wonderful becuase I was expecting to hear that I was plus some number. I started back up with my fitness pal and will do my best to stick with it so I can actually get down to my first goal weight. I have a few, as it will be awhile until I reach my actual goal weight. I also bought Just dance 2016 which has helped me move more and is really fun. ^_^ I plan to post weekly as that’s when I’ll be doing the Wii Fit U body test to see what I’m down.

I plan to post more about anime, Netflix and life in general, like I was before. Yay!


Not sure if he knows where he is…

Hi everyone. It’s been a few weeks, I figured I would type up something but I wasn’t really sure how to phrase anything. Mostly my life is currently is about work. I work as a wellness nurse in an assisted living facility. But that’s not really the important part, neither is the part where I’m pretty sure I failed one of my online classes due to work.

My Uncle has been living us since last Wednesday (12/09/15). He was homeless until my aunt took him in a year ago and really we thought he was being lazy based on his previous track record. But now it’s pretty apparent that there’s something going on mentally. He looks around in wonder at everything and everyone and has no desire to do anything on his own. He’s also very passive and will generally do what you ask along as it’s only one or two steps. So far though, it’s been okay taking caring for him. I just wonder if it is a cognitive impairment, he’s devolving dementia or something else is going on. I just don’t know….he’s also living with us and my brother moved downstairs in my mom’s office. I just needed to vent sort of about the current situation.